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“Auto Parts City is a 21st century auto salvage and recycling facility with its roots dating back to the 1930’s. Since the beginning, the mission of Auto Parts City has been to be on the cutting edge and revolutionize the industry. Our current location celebrated its grand opening on Earth Day 2011, and we pride ourselves in environmentally responsible automotive salvage and recycling.
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“Auto Parts City implemented eco-friendly protocols and goes above and beyond the normal industry standards. It starts with draining the fluids in every vehicle and recycling those fluids to heat our buildings, fuel our tow trucks or resell at a discount to our customers. Our facilities utilize top of the line catchment and filtration systems to protect the environment of our surrounding area. Environmental consulting conducts yearly safety and environmental audits on all locations to ensure compliance. Auto Parts City continues to set the “Green” standard in auto recycling.”

All Fluids are removed from vehicles using a state of the art reclamation system

Drained oil and gas is reused to heat our facilities

Drained fluids like windshield wiper fluid are cleaned and re-sold

Additional fluids & metals including mercury are completely recycled

Every possible part off of the vehicles are reused

We strive to far exceed government regulations in our yards to protect the local environment

We have engineered, implemented and maintain Erosion and Stormwater controls to protect local waterways surrounding our facilities.

Stormwater inspections and water samplings conducted at all facilities ensures our yards have no negative impact on the environment

Our facilities are kept clean and eco-friendly by employing the highest standards we can. We start by draining all fluids for every car we get. All the fluids that we get from the cars are either recycled and used in-house or recycled and sold at a discounted price to our customers. The government has set the standard for recycling facilitys to abide by and we take it upon ourselves to go above and beyond those standards to ensure that our auto recycling yards have the least amount of environmental impact as possible.
We’ve installed many environmental controls in our facilities to ensure that no fluids or runoffs get into our surrounding area. We have installed Underground Triple trap catchment systems, First Flush rainwater filtration, and use oil eating enzymes to remove oil and chemicals from water on our facilities. Then we have our stormwater get filtered sequentially by two different pounds and meadow. Our environmental and maintenance staff continually monitor and test the system to verify all the water that comes out of our facilities into the surrounding area is clean and naturally filtered
All metals removed from vehicles are sorted, stored and sold under cover or indoors to make sure that minimal amounts of rust take place in our facilities. This includes mercury, which is removed and recycled. All our reclaimed tires are stored indoors to prevent disease-carrying insect breeding. VET Environmental consulting conducts yearly safety and environmental audits on all locations to ensure our compliance. Auto Parts City continues to try and set the “Green” standard in auto recycling.

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