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Has your car outlived its useful life? Are you looking to make a donation that can be tax deductible? If you live in the greater Chicago area, including Southern Wisconsin, you can turn to Auto Parts City to pick up and donate your car to your choice of cause. Our trusted company offers the maximum donation amount for your vehicle by recycling or reselling it so you can claim the most for your donation while passing the contribution to our partner charities. If you want an eco-friendly option and wish to get the most value for your vehicle while helping one of these noble causes consider Auto Parts City.
Helping people with developmental disabilities lead productive, happy lives and connecting with the human spirit in us all.
Dedicated to conquering all blood cancers.
Our mission is to connect Veterans and their family members with each other and with the benefits and resources they earned and deserve. Through our professionally trained and certified combat Veteran Peer Support Specialists. We provide personalized “Help from Those Who’ve Been There”.

Donate Your Car for Cash for Your Favorite Charity

At Auto Parts City, we believe in giving back to the local community. That’s why we offer our customers the option to donate their car for cash, but not for themselves. Rather, we will donate the proceeds from your car to your favorite charity. If you want to use your car to support charitable efforts in the community, Auto Parts City makes it easy to do.

Partner With the Area’s Greenest Vehicle Recycling Facility

If you are already thinking of donating your car to support charity, then you are the type of person who is conscientious. That means you likely want to do your part to protect the local environment. Donating your car to Auto Parts City is a great way to do so.
Since we opened in the 1930s, we have worked hard to create a clean, eco-friendly recycling facility that is an asset to the local environment. When you donate your car through us, we will recycle every part of it. In fact, our recycling process is so thorough, we even drain the vehicle of all fluids and recycle them in a recycling center built underneath our recycling facility. Once the cars head to the recycling facility, we rotate them regularly to prevent rust.
Of course, no matter how careful we are, some residual fluid will remain in the car when it heads to our recycling facility. To ensure that does not enter the local waterways, we have a stormwater treatment system that filters the runoff from our facility. We filter runoff from rainfall a minimum of three times. Then, we send it to one of two ponds or a meadow on our property. The water is clean and is used to support green space that we created.
All of this combines to earn us the title of “Greenest Facility in the Country.” We are constantly looking for new ways to continue our recycling efforts, so we can continue to be the Chicago-area’s cleanest, greenest recycling facility.

Donate Your Car for Cash Today!

If you have a car that you’re no longer using, even if it is a junk car that no longer runs, you can donate it for cash easily with Auto Parts City. Simply bring your car, with title and license, to our facility, and we will give you fair market value for it. If it is not running, give us a call to work out a pickup option. With the help of Auto Parts City, you can be free of the hassle of a non-functional car, and earn some money for yourself or your favorite charity in the process.
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